Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains the collection and methods used with personal data, which is implemented by PROUD (KI Sugar Group)

This Privacy Policy is used in conjunction with Terms of Use. In accepting the Terms of Use of KI Sugar Group when you registered for services provided by KI Sugar Group (“PROUD”), you have given us consent and allowed us to use and disclose your personal data as set out in the Privacy Policy; however, if you do not agree with the Terms of Use described in this Privacy Policy, please do not use services provided by PROUD and do not enter (“PROUD website”).

This Privacy Policy is effective from 10 April 2020. Should you have any question about this Privacy Policy, you can reach us at

Information that We Collect
We collect, preserve and analyze your personal information on a server in Singapore. If you choose the services provided by PROUD, we may ask you to inform us your contact information and personal identity information, as well as transaction information and other personal information required by PROUD website. At anytime you use any service provided by PROUD, it is agreed by you to identify yourself and accept the conditions. 

We collect the information that suit your choice of service and will preserve the following information:
Name, phone number, e-mail, contact information, financial information, log files, viewing statistics, your entering and leaving PROUD website, advertisement information, message on bulletin board and other messages, communication between PROUD and you, as well as other information regarding services provided by PROUD that you have registered.

(All information are being derived via cookie, which can be turned off on your browser, but may affect usage efficiency of PROUD website).

Purposes of Use of Personal Data:

  1. providing PROUD products and services.
  2. promoting pleasant and safe online experience and amending our policy where appropriate. 
  3. analyzing your usage and online experience for future improvement and development.
  4. evaluating your interest in our services and notifying you of our services and updates to promote the use of PROUD products and services.
  5. conducting public relations and sales promotion to promote quality products among consumers. 
  6. inspecting personal identity and information provided in order to offer appropriate services. 
  7. calculating transaction fees and other activities as described. 
  8. solving problems or disputes. 
  9. to act in compliance with any law to which the data controller is subject.

With regard to service improvement, we may use personal data to recommend the information that may match your interest. You will be notified of information access and may choose not to disclose the information or not to receive any kind of communication in the future by clicking “Unfollow” (or Unsubscribe) or follow the instructions explained. In case you do not wish to disclose your information, we may suggest other forms of communication with more efficiency for mutual contact. Partly, the registration you have made to receive any of PROUD services and/or on PROUD website, it is agreed by you that you may be contacted by PROUD, including announcement and messages concerning products and services provided by PROUD.  

Disclosure of Your Information
Disclosure of personal data will be done to serve legal requirements and policy implementation, as well as to respond to other regulations announced or only in case the rights are violated. With regard to protect the right, property and safety, we will not disclose or transfer personal data to outside party for marketing purposes without your consent.

Personal data may be transferred in certain cases as follows:  

  1. Any member of staff who is capable of ensuring that our services meets correct terms and conditions in regard to enhance reliability and safety. 
  2. Service providers who assist us in activities and in promoting PROUD products and services among our users are under our confidentiality agreement. 
  3. Legal officer or state agency with the authority to inspect, prevent or act against any illegal activity, accuse of fraud, violation of regulations or others as required by law.
  4. In case the organization involves in business merger, personal data may be shared with another company. However, the Privacy Policy remains effective unless amended and explained in the “Notification of Changes” section below.
  5. Recording the collection, usage or disclosure of users’ personal data is considered our priority.

In regard to prevent unauthorized access, we may use many forms of access, including the use of personal information as proof of identity, access by password, physical appearance and other electronic forms as part of safety procedures to protect your information. However, we may not be able to guarantee, because complete safety does not exist on the Internet.  

Notification of Changes
We may amend and alter any term in this Policy at any time and in part or in whole, and will announce the adjustment on PROUD website. The entire terms will be effective in 30 days after our announcement on PROUD website. If you consistently use the service, system and network of PROUD, you are deemed to agree with the changes or the aforementioned addition of Privacy Policy.