Zero Waste

0 Waste

PROUD, by KI Sugar Group, has continued to implement this principle. We make sure our activities will not leave waste and impacts on communities and the environment or keep it to a minimum.

In processing sugarcane to sugar, byproducts are derived, including bagasse, filter cake and molasses. The three are substantially valuable and beneficial byproducts. 

Bagasse Serve as fuel that generates steam and electricity
Filter Cake Serve as fertilizer for the improvement of agricultural soil quality
Molasses Serve as feedstock for ethanol production, which is a renewable energy according to the sustainable alternative energy policy

These procedures reflect our commitment and determination made through our meticulous planning to ensure waste or byproducts will be systematically handled without posing impacts against the environment or communities.

Technology for the Environment 

Air Air released from the steamer can be one of the community’s major concerns. Therefore, we have brought advanced technology from abroad to use with our air purifying system, including the Electrostatic Precipitator and Wet Scrubber System, to control and prevent the amount of dust particles from posing environmental impacts, with dust particles remaining at a lower level than required by law.

Water We use our internal treatment system with water released from sugar production for reuse without releasing to outside of our facility. So to speak, what we do is actually Zero Discharged.