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Intellectual Property
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Terms and Prohibition of Service

  1. using the website in breach of the laws or regulations.
  2. interfering, destroying or creating any incident or information on the website by which could be inappropriate.  
  3. using the website to disturb, intrude, threaten, bully, stalk or otherwise annoy other persons.  
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    2. publishing an image or personal information of another person without his/her consent.
    3. publishing a large number of repetitive and unnecessary contents to cause damages in either way.
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    5. knowing or estimating or suspecting that the information could be invalid, misleading or deceitful.
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  5. The offender hereby agreed to indemnify and to reimburse legal fees, in part or in whole, against damages suffered by PROUD and other parties, employees, agents, contractors, licensor or any party that may involve with PROUD for the causing of loss, damages, suffering, unpleasant acts, inappropriateness or any offence resulted by the breach, wrongdoing or failure to comply with these Terms of Service, and is subject to legal consequences.

Should you detect any inappropriate act, please notify the service provider.


  1. PROUD is committed to provide correct information, description and explanation on the website. When a technical error is detected in any part of the website, we will alter the error immediately. The Company reserves the right to amend or adjust the information without prior notice. 
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  2. Privacy Policy and Terms of Service of PROUD are considered parts of our operational policy. By making an access to and using any services on this website, you have agreed with our policy.  

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