The first in Asia-Pacific’s sugar industry to have received standard certification from the Netherlands-based ProTerra system.

“PROUD, by KI Sugar Group, is proud to be the first Thai sugar manufacturer in Asia-Pacific to encourage the society and environment to achieve sustainable development with standard certification from the Netherlands-based ProTerra system.

With the commitment to develop sugarcane products that meet standard quality, we have brought advanced technology into the industry to empower our extensive expertise, resulting in a successful development of quality sugar. Farmers and communities have been supported to maintain their job and good quality of life, while surrounding environments are not affected by the industry. When employees find happiness in their work, the organization can prosper along with the society and environment in a sustainable way and be able to deliver great products to consumers.

ProTerra Standard

An international standard that emphasizes agricultural produce that are being grown, harvested and processed without impacts against communities and the environment, while also promotes agricultural knowledge to enable the locals to make a living. All of which lead to mutual sustainability of the manufacturer, community, society and the environment.


ProTerra Certificate number
2458973 EU1649-01