Product Responsibility

Product Responsibility

Preventive Procedures

We provide support and knowledge for farmers right from selecting sugarcane varieties, cultivating, fertilizing to harvesting and transporting sugarcane to the plant in regard to ensure that the sugarcane grown with our support will achieve determined quality and stay free from chemical residues.

Packaging of our sugar is made by a manufacturer with good hygiene management system in order for our packaging to meet the quality, cleanliness and safety required by the standard declared by the Ministry of Public Health and relevant law, as well as the FSSC 22000, which is the recognized food safety system certification. 

We made certain amount of investment in the packing station in order to respond to a variety of packaging requirements. For example, sugar bags of 1 kilogram, 25 kilograms, 50 kilograms and 1,000 kilograms (1 ton), a container with 25,000-kilogram capacity.

Each particle of our white sugar is stored under control using the Conditioning Silo system to prevent sugar from agglutination, as well as to ensure consumers of sugar quality that meets the standards without any contamination.

Reactive Procedures

Inspection and Monitoring
Respecting to ensure optimum customer satisfaction, which will enable us to rapidly learn customer needs, we are open for customer feedback and suggestion that will be useful for our consistent manufacturing process improvement.

Product Traceability
In regard to express our product responsibility, should our customers come across any trouble or dissatisfaction in our products, we are pleased to accept suggestions for future improvement. Customers can reach us at Tel. 02 226 5481 ext. 239 or via E-mail: