What is ICUMSA?

ICUMSA stands for International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis, which is the unit used for the measurement of sugar color. The standard is domestically and internationally used by the Office of Cane and Sugar Board, Ministry of Industry, for the analysis and arrangement of sugar quality. The ICUMSA has been used to measure the grade of sugar by its color, which is the standard method used in the analysis of quality of sugar in cane and sugar industry.

Further, the ICUMSA serves as the international standard for measurement of sugar color for which facilitates trade between buyers and sellers.  

According to sugar color determination, appearance and specification of sugar are as follows:

White Sugar

Super Refined Sugar with ICUMSA 0-20 units or greater. 
Appearance: small sugar particles, crystal clear with high purity (ICUMSA unit).
Crystal Brown Sugar 1KG.png

Refined Sugar with ICUMSA 21-45 or units or greater.
Appearance:  white sugar particles, with certain purity. 

White Sugar Grade 1 with ICUMSA 46-200 units
White Sugar Grade 2 with ICUMSA 201-400 units
White Sugar Grade 3 with ICUMSA 400-1,000 units

Raw Sugar

Raw Sugar has ICUMSA 1,001 units or greater.

Appearance:  sugar crystals in light brown or dark brown with more tense aroma than white sugar.

Color grade is the intensity of sugar color, which can be analyzed based on light absorption principle through the use of sugar solution and the Spectrophotometer.  
The measurement of color grade uses light absorption method. As light is being released from the source onto sugar solution, a part of light will be absorbed by particles and minerals, whereas the remaining light will transmit through and further to the equipment’s receiver. The receiver will measure the fallen light and report the result by comparing with the volume of source light. The fewer light remained from the absorption, the fewer the color grade of sugar.      
The manufacturing of Super Refined Sugar engages advanced manufacturing technology in curbing unnecessary particles and mineral at best, while still preserving the specifications of sugar. 
Recommendation: Super Refined Sugar in extra white color with ICUMSA 9 units is distinctive with its white and clear crystallization and glistening nature. The color grade of purity is greater than normal white sugar, suiting well with household use or industrial use that requires extra sweetness for food products, but without distorting color or aroma.


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Misunderstanding about Sugar

น้ำตาลเป็นสารอาหารที่ให้พลังงานกับร่างกาย ควรบริโภคน้ำตาลที่ดีในปริมาณที่เหมาะสมต่อวัน แต่ก็ยังมีหลายหัวข้อที่เราเข้าใจผิด เกี่ยวกับน้ำตาลทราย


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