We have the idea and aspiration to produce high quality sugar like no other for Thai consumers. We work basing on our outlook that,

Consume good sugar in an appropriate amount,

because sugar is considered an essential nutrition that provides energy for our body to fulfill daily routine.

The world is changing fast. Although it is inevitable, we the modern people have to adapt and make changes to keep pace with the changing world. Be it living or catching up with trends, we make changes to fit in the society. Indeed, these changes offer us a chance to focus on ourselves and to nurture new thoughts and bravery in harmony with the era. We must be meticulous when it comes to making good and worthwhile choices for ourselves. 

Operating under KI Sugar Group, a Thai manufacturer and distributor with global reputation since 1965, PROUD takes pride in bringing high quality products back to Thailand, expecting to enhance the quality of life of Thai consumers. We strongly believe every consumer deserves worthwhile and high-quality consumer products for the good of Thai people.


For the very first time in Thailand, PROUD takes pride in introducing the extra fine white sugar called

Crystal Clear
Super Refined Sugar


which is proved to be pure sugar. Considered the product that enhances the point of view and attitude toward choosing the right sugar, this new sugar engages sophisticated manufacturing procedures. Ranging from growing sugarcane in line with the standards, harvesting early-season fresh sugarcane without burning, to entering into manufacturing process at our state-of-the-art plant, our new sugar meets the standards and comes with reliability and safety. Consistently, the “Crystal Clear Super Refined Sugar” has been certified to meet global quality standards with the ProTerra and Bonsucro systems.

From 2020, PROUD sugar is prompted to ensure confidence for our Thai sugar partners with our aspiration to be a part that saves the community, society and the environment. Together, hand in hand, we will help strengthen the occupation of local sugarcane farmers and thus the income will return to the community.

the Thai-made sugar, is proud in the value delivered to Thai people.


PROUD aspires to become the leader of Thailand’s innovative sugar industry and will never cease to succeed with high quality products to harmonize with today’s modern consumer lifestyle.


PROUD aims to deliver high quality sugar products that offer value and reliability in line with our responsibility toward modern consumers and to assure consumers of confidence in PROUD sugar.

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